Commercial Locksmith NYC

 We offer immediate response times, meaning that you are never left without essential help.  Our technicians are duly licensed, bonded, and insured by all relevant regulatory bodies, and are able to formally guarantee all work performed.  As a fellow local business in the community, we understand firsthand that the needs of commercial entities often are urgent and cannot wait, and for this reason we remain open and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Professional & Affordable

When you have invested both your precious time and countless hours to growing your business, you deserve nothing less than top of the line service.  We take pride in the fact that our commercial locksmith NYC services are always performed with professionalism, from dispatch to delivery, and our pricing is fair and affordable for our valued clients.

Our customer-focused service representatives at dispatch ensure that your interaction with our business is seamless from the very first point of contact.  Our service representatives are trained to listen carefully to our customers’ description of the problem in order to analyze the situation and offer recommendations on the course of action to be taken and the options available.  We work with many distributors in the locksmith and integrated security industry to ensure our business has access to only the most trusted and dependable brands.  We are sure to find an economical, expert-led solution that works for your business and cuts out the middleman.

Our Locksmiths Have Years of Industry Experience

Our locksmiths at Calixim Perium offer years of industry experience.  Our skilled technicians are natural-born problem solvers who are trained to troubleshoot on the spot.  They are properly certified and undergo a rigorous training process that prepares them to work with any type of technology or apparatus present.  They arrive on-site with all necessary tools, and there is overall very little that they have not encountered during their respective tenures as locksmiths.

We understand that there are numerous other businesses in our industry, and for this reason it is important to evaluate a service provider on the basis of credibility and expertise.  After all, you are placing the security of your business and livelihood, as well as the safety of you and your employees, in the hands of another business.  Our proud team of lock and key experts operate by the guiding principle that no job is too big, and no job is too small.  We offer a variety of different commercial locksmith Dayton services that are tailored to the unique needs of businesses.

Routine Service and Maintenance

All business equipment undergoes wear and tear with regular use, and lock and key systems are no exception.  Our commercial locksmith experts are experts at servicing existing lock and key systems to ensure that all locks, keys, handles, and entryways remain fully functional, and we are able to make repairs and adjustments as necessary.  We conveniently offer re-keying services, key extraction, and new system installations.  We also service safes, file cabinets, desk locks, and mailboxes to ensure that all property and confidential records pertaining to your business remain safe and secure.

Lockout Response

Business lockouts are not only a huge inconvenience, but also bad for business.  To an office, a lockout can translate into lost clients and lost time working on crucial projects, and to a retail storefront, a lockout can mean lost sales revenue and even lost credibility resulting from being closed during advertised hours.  With our guaranteed 15-minute response time, calling us provides an easy fix for the dreaded lockout situation.

Commercial Auto

Many businesses rely on commercial automobiles for the transport and delivery of goods and services.  Experiencing a commercial auto lock issue, especially during the middle of a busy work day, presents two problems that must be addressed with urgency.  One, the employee may be stranded and have their personal safety endangered.  Two, the employee on duty cannot continue with his or her work day and deliver services to be rendered to clients on the route of the day.  Our guaranteed 15-minute response time, from dispatch to on-site arrival, ensures that we are able to get your business moving immediately and recoup precious time.  We have the proven knowledge to work with both standard auto keys and newer transponder keys, and we are an alternative to visiting the dealership for commercial auto lock and key service.

Security Upgrades

Depending on the vertical of your business, you may be interested in a more high-tech security system to improve or revamp the security needs of your business.  Not to worry – we  have a full range of integrated options and solutions for you, as well as experience working with all needs and budgets.  We work with master key systems, high-security locks, digital entry and keypad access systems, and more.  Our commercial clients are a range of sizes and come from many different industries, from retail to hospitality to health care and more.  Our dedicated team is happy to guide and educate our commercial clients on options available for equipping their businesses with optimized security.

24-Hour Emergency

In the same way that you understand that time is of the essence when working for clients, we also believe that it is imperative to handle all service requests promptly and thoroughly, regardless of when they take place.  For this reason, we make our commercial locksmith services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our service area spans the entire area of Dayton, and we are committed to the safety and security of the community we love with expertise and professionalism.  After all, the one-of-a-kind NYC community is our home, just as much as it is yours.  We look forward to serving all our commercial clients!

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